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who we are

Since 2016, Nubly Technologies Ltd has been building trust and long-term relationships in the ICT space with different vendors and our clients, growing their footprint across the African continent.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions and infrastructure engineering services tailored to meet requirements of various industries. Our innovative capabilities make our expansion possible and future secure at all targeted markets.


To be an enabler of transformation within the communities we interact with and businesses using sustainable technologies.


To bridge the African continent by using optimal technology for connecting people, business processes and data.


  • Quality 
  • Innovation
  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Social responsibility
  • Commitment to our clients


At Nubly Technologies Ltd, we are committed to providing know-how and interdisciplinary engineering approach in all key technology areas  telecommunications, electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical power, IT and much more.

We provide comprehensive site engineering services from planning and design, obtaining relevant permits to construction of backbone and last mile infrastructures including telecommunication, IT and electric power infrastructures.  Our team consists of qualified engineers, project managers and installation teams who manage the quality of delivered solutions for enterprises, industrial, Telcos, transportation and energy sectors.

IT Solutions and Services

Whether the challenges you are facing are related to construction, adaptation and maintenance of Data centers, security of your data, applications, networks, cloud environment or if you require products and services in the field of collaboration and communication of your internal and external associates – in Nubly Technologies Ltd you will find a reliable partner who can help navigate your journey across the IT universe.